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Population Trends in China Essay Sample free essay sample

Using the Chinese population informations from 1950 to 1995. allow us build a graph utilizing engineering. Before charting the information though. we must foremost find the relevant variables. which are. the twelvemonth and the population ( in 1000000s ) of each co-occuring twelvemonth. The parametric quantities are purely confined to the information for the old ages 1950 and 1995 in the sense that the informations can non fall below the population figure for the twelvemonth 1950 and can non fall above the information for the twelvemonth 1995. Upon reexamining the graph. we notice that the information appears to increase. but non exactly in a consecutive line. Traveling through the tendency lines on excel. we find that the tendency line that fits the best is the multinomial tendency line. which is displayed in the graph down at a lower place. If we were to analytically develop one theoretical account map to find if the multinomial tendency line is so the most accurate tantrum. We will write a custom essay sample on Population Trends in China Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I would suggest making a system of equations. Before leaping to far in front. we need to do it clear the equation we are traveling to be analysing. We will utilize the equation given to us by the multinomial tendency line which is: y= ax2 + bx +c and the ground that we are utilizing this equation is because of the fact that the R2 value is 0. 9955. The closer the R2 value is to 1 the better it will suit the graph. We will rearrange the equation y= ax2 + bx +c so that we can work out for the terra incognitas which are. the letters a. B and c. To make this. we need to add informations to the equation and make three matrices. In order to go on on. allow us foremost add the known values to the equation. Given y= ax2 + bx +c. we know that the y-values are China’s population in 1000000s and the x-values are the old ages at which the population is measured. We will utilize three points to work out this. one from the beginning. one from the center. and one from the terminal in order to make the matrices that will so be used to happen values for a. b. and degree Celsius. So we take the equation y= ax2 + bx +c and stopper 1950 ( first twelvemonth ) in as the x-value and 554. 8 as the y-value and we will make the same with the following two points that will be used.y= ax2 + bx +c554. 8=a ( 19502 ) + B ( 1950 ) + degree Celsius830. 7=a ( 19702 ) + B ( 1970 ) + degree Celsius1120. 5=a ( 19952 ) + B ( 1995 ) + degree CelsiusNow that we have created our system of equations we can divide them up into matrices. Looking at the equations we have come up with. we notice that we have a column of y-values ( bold ) . a column of x-values ( blue ) . and a column of terra incognitas ( purple ) 554. 8=a ( 19502 ) + B ( 1950 ) + degree Celsius830. 7=a ( 19702 ) + B ( 1970 ) + degree Celsius1120. 5=a ( 19952 ) + B ( 1995 ) + degree Celsius We can name the y-values matrix ‘B’ or [ B ] which is traveling to be a 3?1 matrix. the x-values matrix ‘A’ or [ A ] which will be a 3?3 matrix. and the unknowns matrix ‘C’ or [ C ] which is another 3?1 matrix. [ A ] = [ B ] = [ C ] = So so we get an equation that looks like this: [ B ] = [ A ] * [ C ] . We can split [ A ] from one side of the equation to insulate [ C ] so. [ A ] -1* [ B ] = [ C ] . We multiply by the opposite of [ A ] . Multiplying [ A ] -1* [ B ] we get the [ C ] to be. Year | 1950| 1955| 1960| 1965| 1970| 1975| 1980| 1985| 1990| 1995| New Population in Millions| 554. 8| 620. 8| 688. 8| 758. 7| 830. 7|904. 6| 980. 6| 1058. 6| 1138. 5| 1220. 5| Having plugged the original old ages into the found map we receive the information in the informations tabular array above and acquire a graph that looks like the information is close to the original graph. We are following shown an equation where the population at clip is modeled by: P ( T ) = Using a reckoner we can run a logistical trial on the original informations where we get K to be 1950. L to equal 4. 34. and M to be. 0333. We get the informations tabular array below. Year | 1950| 1955| 1960| 1965| 1970| 1975| 1980| 1985| 1990| 1995| New Population in Millions| 537. 8| 605. 0| 676. 5| 751. 8| 830. 0| 910. 0| 991. 0| 1071. 7| 1151. 1| 1228. 1| The graph created by the logistic map is a really close tantrum. it about covers up the original population graph. Even looking at the informations tabular array for the map. we see that the information is really near to the original set of informations. We know that in multinomial maps. the independent and dependent variables are straight related to each other. In this survey the form of the original informations indicates a uninterrupted gradual slope. so as the old ages increase so will the population. The logistic map is different in the sense that while it will go on to increase. after awhile it will non increase as much and will get down to decelerate down until it stops increasing and degrees off. The graphs below are to assistance in the apprehension of the construct. We are following given a set of informations on the population trends in China from the 2008 World Economic Outlook published from the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) Year | 1983| 1992| 1997| 2000| 2003| 2005| 2008|New Population in Millions| 1030. 1| 1171. 7| 1236. 3| 1267. 4| 1292. 3| 1307. 6| 1327. 7| We will get down with the multinomial map and once more choose three different points for the above information. So we will acquire: y= ax2 + bx +c 1030. 1=a ( 19832 ) + B ( 1983 ) + degree Celsius1267. 4=a ( 20002 ) + B ( 2000 ) + degree Celsius1327. 7=a ( 20082 ) + B ( 2008 ) + degree Celsius We can name the y-values matrix ‘B’ or [ B ] which is traveling to be a 3?1 matrix. the x-values matrix ‘A’ or [ A ] which will be a 3?3 matrix. and the unknowns matrix ‘C’ or [ C ] which is another 3?1 matrix. [ A ] = [ B ] = [ C ] =We can split [ A ] from one side of the equation to insulate [ C ] so. [ A ] -1* [ B ] = [ C ] . We multiply by the opposite of [ A ] . Multiplying [ A ] -1* [ B ] we get the [ C ] to be. Graphing this we get the graph displayed below which we see looks indistinguishable to the original to the point where we do non even see the original graph. Now we run the 2nd map trial to see how that one besides fits the new informations. Again we have the equation P ( T ) = Using a reckoner we can run a logistical trial on the original informations where we get K to be 1436. L to equal 1. 36. and M to be. 0633. We get the informations tabular array below. Year | 1983| 1992| 1997| 2000| 2003| 2005| 2008|New Population in Millions| 1030. 1| 1171. 7| 1236. 3| 1267. 4| 1292. 3| 1307. 6| 1327. 7| We so take this found information and see how good it fits the original informations that we graphed earlier. As we see the logistic equation fits the original informations absolutely. Now let us see how both graphs expression together when consolidated into one graph. As we see here. the information from both the original graphs and their logistic maps line up rather good about making one uninterrupted line. The theoretical accounts fit each other with no outliers and making one solid line on the graph. The same can be seen with the 2nd graph of the original informations and the original IMF informations and their several multinomial maps. In decision to this mathematical survey. we have found tendency lines to chart informations. created system of equations for that informations and successfully graphed them against their original graphs. We learned how logistic graphs and multinomial graphs work and how they differ from each other. To make another challenge it would be interesting to seek and prove more maps. It would be interesting to prove parametric quantities and see what would go on if we tested outside of them. It would be a challenge to larn how the logistic map works mathematically to bring forth the Numberss it produces on the reckoner.

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7 YouTube Channels to Replenish the Stock of Your Essay Writing Music

7 YouTube Channels to Replenish the Stock of Your Essay Writing Music 7 YouTube Channels to Replenish the Stock of Your Essay Writing Music Music is a great thing to have when you are working. Music in the background can truly be beneficial for you when writing. The reason for this is that the brain does not actually tell time on a regular basis; it tells time based on the surroundings and environment. It is for this reason that listening to a boring lecture can literally feel as though it made time slow down, or when you are having fun with a loved one, time seems to speed up. Music plays a big part in this. Music can dictate to the brain whether time is going by quickly or slowly. Below is a list of great YouTube channels for music you can enjoy while writing your essay: Study Music Club Relax Channel EnjoyStudying Study Music StudyMusicProject Classical Music Compilation Relaxing Study Music Upbeat music with a fast tempo tells the brain that time is moving quickly. This is a great choice for those evenings where you have been working for hours and you are trying to combat sleepiness. Having happier, uplifting and fast music will make you think the work is going by slowly. This is best reserved for those times when you are handling administrative tasks like printing papers, stapling them together, emailing copies to yourself and your teacher, etc†¦ Slow, classical music will convince your mind that time is slowing down. This is ideal for when you need to relax and focus solely on your reading or writing. With calming and relaxing music in the background, your mind and subsequently your body will naturally relax. This is a great thing to have in the background as you are reading over multiple texts for research or trying to calmly put together a well-organized paper. It is very important to remember though that music with lyrics will prove distracting. So if you are trying to write a creative paper, you will likely find it harder to do if the music you have playing (slow or fast) has lyrics. The reason for this is that the brain is listening to the lyrics and going back and forth between focusing on the writing and focusing on the lyrics. This causes many distractions and delays. This is exacerbated by songs to which you have memorized lyrics. If you have memorized a song, or have heard it enough to subconsciously memorize it, then your mind will focus on that instead. When you are writing an essay, it is good to have essay writing music to help you stay motivated, but remember that music plays an interesting role in our level of production. So if you want to slow your mind down, pick something that is relaxing. If you want to speed things up and make a list of mundane actions seem interesting, then pick something fast paced. Just remember to avoid the music with lyrics you know quite well or you will end up distracted more often than not.

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History - American Exceptionalism Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

History - American Exceptionalism - Term Paper Example From historical facts we find that American exceptionalism was tangled with convoluted and often ambiguous set of assumptions as it is important in explaining how Americans thought and how they have acted. In the opinion of Tyrrell, some historians attribute the terms â€Å"differences† or â€Å"uniqueness† to the exceptionalism; whatever the terminology, the long debated implications of American uniqueness and difference stems from political, intellectual, and even religious heritage, and is enduring. However, it is of equal importance to understand the â€Å"negative† version of the phenomenon, which means, the US had been exceptionally bad, racist, violent, with distorting unique American evils. Whether or not these assumptions are logical or coherent, as according to Pease, it is clear that exceptionalism is an idea that has prospered the American society, even though with many ups and downs in its tread (107). However, some historians say that the United Nat ions was never truly imperialistic in any manner, but was rather expansionist. The United States was a nation born through revolution against imperial control, and has been ostensibly disregarding imperialism, in their strategies with other nations and its own. According to an opinion, â€Å"instead of trying to administer other nations or peoples in an imperialistic or colonial fashion, the United States, has been asserted, fashioned itself as the liberator of the colonized, launching both a rhetorical assault on the practice of imperialism and a practical campaign to bring about its end† (Heiss ,2002, 511). Lipset explains that only in some cases the nation was seen taking control of territory that was not predestined to be included into the nation, and when it did, was for positive reasons, ruling in a liberal and compassionate fashion, providing opportunities for self-government and ultimately independence when seemed practicable. In their opinion, the United States was n ever an imperialist, rather expansionist, practicing benevolent assimilation, closely following its Manifest Destiny. However, some historian points out the darker side too. In the opinion of York, with all positive influences, of Manifest Destiny, filled with a surge of enthusiasm and energy for pushing West, the negative impacts created the belief within that the white men had the right to obliterate anything and anyone. Looking for the roots of Manifest Destiny across the West would point out the mass destruction of tribal organizations, and detention of Indians to reservation, holding high the belief that settlement of the land and civilization of its native were preordained. In the opinion of Walt, perhaps the basic principle of American exceptionalism can be the belief that they always are, and have always been, the good guys, spreading prosperity everywhere they go. He continues that it is a blind-faith that the United States is a uniquely virtuous nation, a nation that uphol ds peace, nurtures liberty, respects human rights, and embraces the rule of law that is so strict. Many hold the view, connecting it with American exceptionalism, that the nation’s values, political structure, and history are exceptional and are universally praiseworthy, which imply them to take a positive and distinctive role in the world stage. The only thing that contradicts this self-sycophantic illustration of the nation’

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Integrated Case Study Analysis (Prediction markets at Google). Order

Integrated Analysis (Prediction markets at Google). Order 1111879 - Case Study Example It also aims to find if the product will be successful in the market. The case study actually involves the idea of Bo Cowgill, who is an employee of Google, who joined Google in 2003 after finishing his undergraduate degree in public policy in Stanford. The basic aim of the project was to find improved ways to utilize the huge amount of information, which was at the disposal of the company. Friedrich Hayek and the Iowa Electronic Markets had tried to harness this potential amount but had failed initially to implement this idea. The main problem identified in the employees was the lack of non-monetory motivation. The employees were not interested in earning extra money but wanted to be recognised in the organisation. Thus the HR aspect of Maslow’s Heirarchy of needs can be identified as one of the main issue in this case study. Another issue that cropped up was the high involvement of the employees in the prediction market that hampered the work output of the employees. The report is case analysis based on the prediction market of Google. In the case study, there are several problems related to different domains of management and those have been identified in order to come up with a suitable solution. The different problems identified have been segregated into different parts pertaining to their respective domains such as marketing, finance, human resource, etc. In the end, each of the problems have been analysed in order to find an appropriate solution for each of them. All these solutions have been discussed keeping in mind the success of Google Prediction Markets (GPM) as an effective product for the general public at large. The case study is an in depth discussion of the Google Prediction markets from the origin of the idea and the implementation of the concept into a successful product. We are all aware of Google Prediction market or the idea of a prediction market in general. They are very similar to stock market where there is the

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Auditing-Accsys Technologies Plc Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Auditing-Accsys Technologies Plc - Case Study Example It is exposed to overestimation of financial figures as in the current fiscal it has adopted IFRS for the group has a whole and follows UK, GAAP for its parent company. Unlike in GAAP, under IFRS it requires companies to value financial items at fair market value. If the market value of the asset is more than its written down value, it will lead to overestimation that increases the inherent risk (Carcello & Nagy, 2004). Accsys Technologies Plc has revised its accounting reporting standards from GAAP to IFRS for its group as a whole and not for the parent or subsidiary companies. It adopted IFRS 13 and IAS 1 for the current period. IFRS 13 fair value measurement implies that the value of the financial and non financial items will be recorded in the books at market price which includes inventory, assets, investments, etc. The change in reporting standard might exhibit highly geared assets i.e. assets might have a relative low price in the domestic market compared to the value of its final product. Accsys Plc reported a 78% increase in its revenue and the EBITDA margin for its Arnhem plant was â‚ ¬2.4 million compared to a loss of â‚ ¬.9 million in the last fiscal. The resulting difference in the operating income and loss is a key indicator of its reporting mechanism than its increased demand in the global market (Accesys Technologies, 2015). In the current fiscal Accsys discontinued its licensing partnership with Diamond Wood China Ltd and as per the order of the tribunal was supposed to pay  £1.6 million. It also incurred legal costs of  £.6 million. Such transactions did not feature in its annual report of 2014 and thus clearly indicates the risk of misstatement i.e. arising out of error or intentional actions (Khurana & Raman, 2008). Accsys Plc is in the practice of recognising all cost of revenue to the Arnhem manufacturing plant if it cannot be recognised with the licensee.

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Fords Value Enhancement Plan Analysis

Fords Value Enhancement Plan Analysis Fords Value Enhancement Plan aims to align the interests of various shareholders by offering them different options the choice of $20 in cash, additional new common shares or a combination of cash and new share. Based on the following analysis, Ford should go ahead with Value Enhancement Plan. Characteristic of VEP The Value Enhancement Plan has the feature of stock split and share repurchase. Exchanging existing shares for new shares on a one-for-one basis, shareholders are also offered the option to reinvest $20 to receive additional new Ford common shares. In this sense, share price would decrease while the number of shares outstanding is going to increase. According to Fords announcement mentioned in the case, shareholders choosing the share option would receive 0.748 new Ford common shares in lieu of $20 cash. So, the effect is similar to 1.748 for 1 stock split. However, not all the shareholders prefer share option. For those who elect cash option, they would receive $20 as though they sell part of their shares, which reflects the feature of share repurchase. Advantages of VEP With the combined feature of stock split and share repurchase, VEP has its strength. In terms of cash option, since there is no good things to do with the massive cash reserve, returning the excessive cash allows shareholders to make profitable investment by themselves. Unlike cash dividend, returned cash is taxed as capital gains, so it generates tax efficiency for shareholders. In addition, though the price of new Ford shares would decrease, shareholders will not bear any loss, because the reduced price is offset by the cash they receive. But from the companys point of view, they can reduce dividend payment. Companies tend to keep dividend payout ratio constant, so dividend for each new Ford share will decrease because share price falls. For those who choose to receive $20 in cash, they keep the same amount of shares before VEP is introduced, therefore, the total dividend payment is going to reduce and to some extent, the pressure for increasing dividend level can be relieved a bit. Moreover, the effect of cash option is similar to that of share buyback, the number of new shares outstanding will reduce; thus, earnings per share will increase and it can increase the overall demand for Fords share, which will benefit share price in the long run. If shareholders elect stock option, they can increase voting power and exercise more control over the company. Also, as we discussed in the cash option, share price will increase, so, shareholders will benefit a lot from holding more new Ford shares. As for the combination of cash and new shares, shareholders can take part of their money out of the stock to make other profitable investment, and they can also maintain their interest in the company. On the one hand, they can enjoy tax efficiency by paying tax of capital gains for cash received, on the other hand, they can enjoy the profit when share price increases and they can have a say in the firm. VEP is better than cash dividend in terms of tax effect, and compared with share repurchase, it meets shareholders need to remain or increase control of the company. Therefore, based on the analysis, Ford should go ahead with VEP. Possible Choices of Different Shareholders Ford family member will choose stock option because they want to expand their control in the firm. By supporting VEP, their 40% voting power remains unchanged but their equity in the firm decreases from 5% to 3.6%. If they elect stock option, they hold more common shares, and their voting power is beyond 40%. Institutional investors, such as TIAA-Cref and the Calpers would choose combination of cash and shares. Its obvious that VEP favors Ford family members and dilutes institutional investors voting power, so its hard for them to compete with Ford family members in terms of control even if they reinvest all the $20 cash to buy new Common shares. In this sense, combination of cash and new share is a better choice for them. They can get part of their investment out of Ford stock for good opportunities somewhere else; meanwhile, they can remain interest in Ford. A regular outsider shareholder doesnt care about voting power. The purpose of their investment is profit. So, if I was one of them, I would go for cash option, because I would think Ford cant find profitable projects and there are few growth opportunities. By getting money back, I can make good use of it by myself.

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DISCRIMINATION Essay -- essays research papers

Although I had always thought that I could never be discriminated for any reason, two years ago I felt discriminated. One Friday, while working in a large corporation in the administrative department, the president of the corporation organized a meeting for the administrative and accounting departments. The president of the company mentioned that the accounting department was opening a new position as Junior Controller Management. Moreover, he said that there were only two candidates who were postulated for it. I knew I was one of them. In fact, most of my co-workers started talking about it and all were claiming me as the winner. I was extremely happy. But, I wanted to wait for the real nomination that was going to take place the following Friday after the executive meeting in which each department’s director needed to vote either for me or for my co-worker, who was a man older than me. I knew I did not have to worry, so I was extremely relax the entire week. I always loved to work, and I always did a good job, so I thought that the position as a Junior Controller was mine. Unfortunately, it was not true. Although management knew that I was extremely qualified for the position, they could not give it to me for two reasons. The first one is that I was only 22 years old, and they thought that I was too young to handle such a high level position. Second, they told me, men always occupied the highest positions in this company, and even if they understand that life had evolved ...

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The Second Coming Analysis

Between the symbolism and allusions, the poem covers the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelations. In the first stanza, â€Å"mere anarchy† refers to the flood in Genesis. The last stanza refers to the anti-christ and the time of the apocalypse. In the final lines Yeats describes the sinners as â€Å"rough beasts† dragging themselves to Bethlehem for the second coming of Christ. The body of the poem describes the decay of society. It refers to the non-believers, or atheists and the real problem, the sinners. However, he does point out that even Christ was tempted in the desert, hell on earth.He uses a metaphor to allude to the Great Sphinx (The body of a lion and the head of a man), which symbolizes the devil’s home. Furthermore, this is also a reference to the Book of Exodus, which describes the morphing of locusts and scorpion’s tails. These layers of meaning make it difficult for high school students to interpret the poem. I suggest that a teacher star t with eight vocabulary words: gyre, vexed, anarchy, revelation, falconer, Spiritus Mundi, reel, indignant. Denote the text. Then discover all the metaphors and symbols. It takes quite a bit of research to connote â€Å"gyre†.The dictionary definition is simple, but Yeats uses gyre in many of his writings. He uses a double-helix to symbolize the spiraling decay of society through â€Å"blood-dimmed tides† or wars. Then he uses the upward spiral to symbolize the times of peace. For Yeats society was a never-ending cycle of war and peace. From there he takes us to medieval times, to a violent, but orderly sport of hunting, until the falcon cannot hear the falconer and it turns into chaotic, unreasonable violence. Is you use the Bible to interpret the rest of the poem, it will be clear: Yeats is a pessimist who saw the underbelly of society.

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Dystopian Literature and Film †The Matrix and V for Vendetta

Dystopian Literature and Film – The Matrix and V for Vendetta Free Online Research Papers How does The Matrix blend most of the other works of dystopian fiction we have discussed in class? Which familiar dystopian elements do the filmmakers take up and how do they play with them/ change them? It is a little bit more challenging to compare The Matrix to other dystopian works because you have to be clear if you speak about the whole world including the matrix or just the world inside the matrix. But if we are speaking about dystopian elements we can find some in both of them. Even in the matrix we can make out hints of a system that is in control. Namely the law enforcement, that works like in the United States of today. It is safe to say that such a system does not have to be too suspicious, because it reflects our current world which is not widely considered a dystopian nightmare. Even from the protagonist’s perspective, who knows that he is a criminal, everything is explainable till the agents use a robotic bug to keep track of him. Now we can start to speak of technological control, which becomes more obvious when we learn more about the outside world and how humans are controlled by the artificial intelligence. The protagonists struggle to escape the current system is also considered as a dystopian element. Other elements are the ones revolving surveillance and control. It starts with the wire tapping in the matrix and ends with the ultimate form of control. The matrix, which is applied to all humans from infancy to death, controls everything from information over freedom of speech to time. In a way, for the masses, the matrix also seems to be kind of an utopia. Like in the book of Genesis in the Bible, Agent Smith says that the first matrix was too perfect and therefore implies that this â€Å"twentieth century city life† is, what seems best for most humans. An interesting question is, if The Matrix really is a dystopian work. There is no question that the matrix is the ultimate dystopia, but the work definitely lacks the typical â€Å"warning message†. Novels like 1984 or Brave New World try to warn us how future could change the Society and focus more on individual values like freedom or tolerance. At least the reality (outside world) in The Matrix ignores these questions. It is more comparable to stories like Terminator which brings it nearer to works of science fiction. The Questions that arise in The Matrix are not the ones of other dystopian works. The whole concept of a dystopia is so overdone with the creation of the matrix, that you do not have to worry about certain elements like propaganda or surveillance. In theory, humans can have everything they want inside this artificial world and do not even have a realistic chance to revolt against from inside. Where The Matrix really shines, is its play with reality. Life inside the matrix is that much superior to the reality in the outside world, that, even after the humans have won, they do not seem to abolish the matrix. This makes becoming aware of reality even less desirable than in any other dystopia before. And because there is no relief when you have defeated the system the remaining questions are more like â€Å"is life really better when you know everything about it† or â€Å"what is human†. Another uncommon way is the role of the â€Å"hero†. No one wants to be Winston Smith in 1984 but Neo’s character is far more attractive. If the same â€Å"no rules† would apply to everyone, maybe life in the matrix would not be so bad. Is the movie comparable to the novels of ideas we discussed (Brave New World or Nineteen Eighty-Four) or do you also find formulaic elements that links the film to works such as The Island and Northern Lights? As hinted at before, The Matrix is more a progression of the ideas in these books. If we see the loss of human identity in a more and more mechanized world as the key message of Brave New World, The Matrix goes one step further in two ways. The first is the total control the machines have achieved over the human life cycle. The second, and more interesting, is the question, if a virtual human identity counts. Inside the matrix, humans are relatively free to live their life. Restrictions are just a means to an end and not to suppress their identity. But to decide, if life inside the matrix means more or less than in our so called reality, is not an easy task. Even today more and more people start to spend more time online than in â€Å"real life†. In respect to 1984 which revolves much about topics like surveillance or control of thoughts, Big Brother would have found the ultimate tool in the matrix. It solves all his problems at once and works far more efficiently than his apparatus of ministries. So for me it is less comparable to 1984 because it does not give you, as an individual, much to think about except do not loose the war against the machines or do not nuke our planet. It is especially one aspect that resembles Brave New World. When Aldous Huxley, with his work, wanted to express his fear of what the industrial revolution might bring to mankind, The Matrix might do the same for the internet or virtual realities. The striking resemblance to The Island is the perverted way human bodies are used. They are only raised to serve a certain purpose (human spare parts or batteries) and are killed when they are no good any more. Although it does not matter for the protagonist’s decision to explore the â€Å"outside world† in The Matrix and here actually is true, the idea of a deserted uninhabitable world is also used in The Island to keep people from fleeing. In Northern Lights, apart from the less important use of robotic bugs, it is more the role of the â€Å"hero†. Both are irreplaceable and born to â€Å"save the world†. They have mystic powers which they have to master during the story. Also terms like oracle or prophecy strengthen the mystic notion. Assignment 16.6 What filmic devices are used to render the graphic novel V for Vendetta? How do the filmmakers show that their movie is based on a comic? Interesting, from the side of the filmic means, is first and foremost how the movie renders the relationship between V and Evey. In this movie it is a exceptionally difficult situation because the main character wears a mask and therefore is not able to show any emotions. The Wachowski Brothers try to solve the dilemma by trying to give life to the man behind the mask. They just take close ups and two shot as are commonly used in other movies to emphasise on emotions and focus to give more life to the mask. This is achieved by continuous fluid movements in close ups and lots of dramatic gestures ore movements like body language in wider shots. Then there is the contrast in the use of colours and lighting. In peoples homes more friendly colours are used, but when it comes to the outside world, namely under government influence, the atmosphere more and more becomes one of anxiety and alienation which is supported by extreme close ups. Slow motion scenes are also used either to stress a moment like when Evey steps out in the rain after her fake imprisonment or to demonstrate V ´s fighting skills â€Å"the matrix way†. Also worth mentioning is the use of the flashback scenes. They do not only carry much important information like when they hint at the origins for the suppression of homosexuals, but also change during the course of the movie. They become more real the nearer they come to the current time of the plot. Even though V is no typical comic superhero there are still some points that remind the viewer of the films origin. The most eye catching ones are for sure the overdone action sequences. V is fighting like a bulletproof superhero that simply can not lose. Not only using karate or blades against guns, but also dramatizing every moment. This impression is also underlined by the Wachowski Brothers, when they chose to use matrix style slowdowns or blades that leave echoes in the air as effects during the fighting scenes. Other examples are the overdrawn stylistic demolitions when V even uses fireworks to manage more impressive explosions. Also noteworthy is the overly clear definition of the â€Å"bad† side. Even when his role (terrorist or political activist) is not that much defined, the bad ones definitely are. A dictator, the evil secret police, a paedophile bishop, a tv moderator greedy for power and several high ranked characters involved in suppression of undesirables leave no room for further prejudices. How does the movie tie in with the other dystopian works we have discussed so far? Which elements does it take up? Are there any new themes or angles the movie introduces? V for Vendetta the film plays in a typical dystopian world. The easiest way to proof this, is to compare certain elements with George Orwells 1984 because there several references to this work. In a not too distant future, England is ruled by a totalitarian government. It uses various measures to suppress the freedom of the people. There is only one tv-station that is controlled by the government and used to influence people from large screens or in their homes. Unwanted people are persecuted and imprisoned in mysterious â€Å"prisons†. There is also a secret police that â€Å"misuses† its powers and finally the guilt for all this is laid on the public, for knowing something is wrong with this country and sitting on the couch doing nothing. This is all very close to 1984. A definitely wanted impression because of the open use of similar ideas like the party slogans or the â€Å"big brother likeâ€Å" tv performances of chancellor sutler. Even the end is typical. Its open endedness still leaves some hope that a revolution can save the world. In spite of the obvious similarities there are also some differences. The hints at actual events of political interest are more direct. For example the use of black bags over prisoners heads as were seen on photos of US prisoners in Guantnamo Bay. This is also a good connection to the question of terrorism. Vs actions are also defined from his quest for revenge and the movie does not clearly mark them as good or bad. There are definitely on the fine line between terrorism and political activism. Also interesting is the comparison between the two main protagonist from V and 1984. Especially the question if one man can do something is handled differently. V also needs the support of the masses to achieve his revolution, but it seems as if he wins all important battles more or less alone. He has become â€Å"the idea himself†. In contrast to this 1984 only shows the way to go, when Winston says â€Å"the hope lies in the proles† ,but never comes close to face a change. Comment on intertextuality and intermediality in V for Vendetta. First there is the obvious influences from George Orwells 1984 that underline the dystopian setting. When we subsume intertextuality and intermediality under medial relations or influences, we find connections to wide range of works. The party slogan â€Å"Strength through Unity. Unity through Faith† is very similar to the slogans like â€Å"War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strengthâ€Å" from 1984. Also the tv performance of chancellor sutler and the network itself are reminiscent of Big Brother from the same work. Then there are several references to Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo. The count also suffered from an unjust imprisonment and prepared himself for the day of revenge with maximum effort. The movie version is even watched by Evey and V in the actual film. Also somewhat related to revenge but also a guideline for the relationship between Evey and V was Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera. Notably here are for example the use of roses or the protagonists lair under the city. Finally stays the relation to current events. The before mentioned black bags in Guantnamo Bay or the governments influence on the media are a too obvious hint at current US policies to be ignored. Research Papers on Dystopian Literature and Film - The Matrix and V for VendettaIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalMind TravelBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of SelfOpen Architechture a white paperNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceCapital PunishmentTrailblazing by Eric AndersonGenetic EngineeringAnalysis Of A Cosmetics AdvertisementEffects of Television Violence on Children

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Kevin Mitnick Research Paper

Kevin Mitnick Research Paper Free Online Research Papers I can imagine the headlines of the day back in 1983 they might have read: USC student arrested for hacking the Pentagon. As a young college student Kevin Mitnick hacked into one of the nation’s most secretive buildings, the Pentagon. According to Aguila (2008), Mitnick gained access to ARPANet, the ancestor of the Internet, which was then reserved for the Army, large corporations and universities. Mitnick started his computer exploits as a teenager. Even as a young man he realized the powers of social engineering and used it to gain access to networks. How’d he do it you ask? Mitnick would pose as an employee of a company or organization that had forgotten a password to an internal network. The information would be given to him over the phone, thus providing him with an in to the company’s network. Mitnick quickly learned that people who had access to technology were the weakest link in any company or information system. He utilized the art of Social Engineering to manipulate people with access to technology. Mitnick manipulated people first and then entered secure networks with the information he had been provided. After his numerous exploits of various networks Mitnick ran from law enforcement agencies, was caught and has spent time in prison for various crimes. After his release from prison and completing a probationary period that banned him from the use of t echnology as ordered by the court Mr. Mitnick started his own security company. He is now a reformed hacker and speaks at conferences all over the world. Mitnick is now a security professional. A TechBiz 2001 news report stated that Maffia Boy, Michael Calce, a 15 year old Canadian teenager was responsible for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on many large websites such as Amazon, Yahoo and EBay. Once arrested Mafia Boy plead guilty and was sent to a youth detention center for eight months with one year of probation. While incarcerated he was forbidden to use a computer. A DDoS attack makes a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. DDoS attacks are typically aimed at large internet sites and shuts down the site to the intended users, either briefly or for an indefinite period. Mafia Boy successfully shut down Yahoo and other sites for a few hours. There was some discrepancy in the media as to whether or not the attacks actually cost the companies the millions of dollars certain media outlets claimed. Yahoo released a statement later saying that none of their content had been breached and they were able to reroute traffic. Subsequently, Yahoo played down the story that they had any monetary loss and maintained that their content and user data remained unharmed. Both Kevin Mitnick and Michael Calce have reformed and learned from their experiences. Both are now involved in computer security. Both work to educate companies and users how to prevent exploits (similar to the ones they each carried out) on networks and/or systems. It is of paramount importance to learn from individuals like Mitnick and Calce. These gentlemen found ways to exploit sensitive systems that security personnel never considered. Calce used the internet to obtain access to malicious code that would damage sites: Mitnick manipulated people via Social Engineering. Social Engineering can be extraordinarily sneaky and very useful. Since security is the job of each individual you should be leery of people you do not know questioning you about your job. Especially questions pertaining to network and or computer assets. Often times these individuals will compliment you to get the ball rolling. Another popular way to gain information via Social Engineering is to make false statem ents knowingly. If you work on a military base someone might suggest to you I heard that aircraft can only carry one type of weapon so it is not that useful. You (being challenged) then feel the need to set the record straight. Thereby giving out information you should not have disclosed. Computer security professionals need to learn from the exploits that have happened and study the ways the hackers gained unauthorized access. This way the security professional can be ready to combat these or similar style attacks in the real world. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at White Hat Security said he still uses Calces Yahoo attack as a point of reference when he needs to talk about what kind of bandwidth it takes to knock a site offline. (McMillan, 2008) References Aguila, Nicolas (2008, March 14). Fifteen greatest hacking exploits. Retrieved February 23, 2009, from Tomshardware Web site:,1790-6.html Anonymous (2001, September 13). Mafiaboy sentenced to 8 months . Retrieved February 23, 2009, from Web site: McMillan, Robert (2008, October 16). A hacker seeks redemption. Retrieved February 23, 2009, from Web site: Research Papers on Kevin Mitnick Research PaperThe Project Managment Office SystemNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceIncorporating Risk and Uncertainty Factor in CapitalTwilight of the UAWOpen Architechture a white paperGenetic EngineeringRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseStandardized TestingHip-Hop is Art

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No topic Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

No topic - Assignment Example The overwhelming mortgages did not directly impact the Federal Reserve but through independent investment companies, which really demonstrates how the American economy is almost entirely feeding from the financial industry. I think there is more of a fiscal policy involvement in this case: the Federal Government had the intentions to bail out the projected failing companies such as the Bear Stearns. For instance, the former Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, devised a merger between the Bear Stearns and the JP Morgan, which would allow the Federal Government to shell out $30 billion in order to cover up the dubious assets associated with toxic mortgages. This implies for a relative more expansionary policy strategy by the government. I think one of the most important lessons that I learned from watching the video is how the finance industry has dominantly gained control over our government. Aside from the hints that the economic crash was â€Å"contrived†, the video reveals some of the most undesirable realities of the United States: the country’s goals toward recovery will fall short except if we get rid of the financial oligarchy that is hindering the fundamental

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Ethic management Discussion Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethic management Discussion Question - Essay Example Deciding whose life to trade in exchange for who's is inherently an unethical decision to make. It requires placing a higher value on certain lives and lower value on others based on immutable characteristics of those individuals, such as age, gender and station in life. If acting ethically essentially means doing the right thing, there is really no right choice to make in the nuclear fallout shelter exercise. The best one can hope to do in this exercise is to make a utilitarian decision based on who is most likely to live the greatest number of years with greatest quality of life. Yet that basis for a determination is itself unethical because a human life with only a year remaining is arguably no less valuable than one that has just begun. Thus, the exercise presents a true ethical dilemma. Nevertheless, if forced to make a utilitarian determination of who should be allowed into the fallout shelter, a decision in favor of the pregnant college student and the female child seems to be a no-brainer. The pregnant college student gives you a two-for-one benefit, essentially allowing the decision maker to save five people rather than just four. And the child is the only child among the candidates.